• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The operators of the Gisyogosyogo and Rumira swamps are in desolation following the floods


Jan 9, 2024

KAYANZA, January 9th (ABP) – Some rice farmers exploiting the swamps of Gisyogosyogo and Rumira, in Gahombo commune, Kayanza province (north) are in total desolation following the heavy rain which fell, last week in that commune and washed away their rice fields.

In the Rumira swamp, more than a dozen hectares of rice were flooded and in the Gisyogosyogo swamp, eight hectares suffered the same fate.

According to the advisor in charge of development in Gahombo commune, Mr. Abdallah Minani, those weather variations have caused huge losses, especially since it is no longer easy to sow rice there following the sand and gravel deposited there by the rain.

For him, this situation occurs at a time when the expected rice production per hectare is around five tons, adding that the recorded losses will not only affect the people, but also the commune is not spared. He also asked every well-wisher to come to the aid of the victims of those weather variations.