• Sat. May 25th, 2024

552 couples have regularised their marriages in Bwambarangwe commune


Apr 30, 2024

KIRUNDO, April 30th (ABP) – The Bwambarangwe commune in Kirundo province (northern Burundi) has set itself the goal of putting an end to the phenomenon of open marriages within just two months.

To that end, on Saturday 27 April, the commune office organised a campaign to regularise marriages in all four zones of the Bwambarangwe commune, namely Buhoro, Mukenke, Kimeza and Bugorora, where 552 couples in common-law unions regularised their marriages.

The commune’s permanent executive secretary, Fabrice Ciragiye, urged the population to put a stop to that behaviour, which he said was the cause of family conflicts. He also asked those who had regularised their marriages and others to limit births in order to support the Head of State’s vision of “Burundi emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060”.