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Fight against fraud and GBV


Dec 15, 2023

RUYIGI December 12th (ABP) – The Minister of the Interior, Martin Niteretse calls on the population of Ruyigi, and the administrative and security authorities to avoid any attempt likely to harm the country’s economy. That call was launched after a meeting that that authority held in the afternoon of that Friday, December 8 for the provincial and municipal administrative and police authorities of that province.

During that meeting the problem of fraud was discussed and a warning was issued to certain people who turn a deaf ear and persist in that bad habit.

View of the participants

During that meeting, the governor of Ruyigi province, Madame Emerencienne Tabu took stock of the situation prevailing in her province and indicated that the population is going about its development activities. However, she stressed that there are still certain traders who do not listen to the advice given to them by the administration.

The minister who has territorial administration in his responsibilities spoke out on that issue and made it known that it is high time to give exemplary sanctions to all individuals who go outside the law and persist in that habit. he also underlined that fraud manifests itself especially on the Burundian-Tanzanian borders and issued a warning against a certain trader from Gisuru commune known by the nickname Muremure, who is almost becoming a celebrity in that illicit trade. That authority ordered the municipal administrator and the municipal commissioner to warn that individual and put him on guard before it was too late for him.

The other subject that characterized that meeting was linked to gender-based violence. Mr. Martin deplores that some Burundians behave in an unavoidable way when it comes to sexuality. He points out the rapes of young girls and children which have caused a lot of ink and saliva to flow in recent days. He particularly underlined that the commune of Nyabitsinda in particular and the entire natural region of kumoso in general is unfortunately on the front line in gender-based violence, here the fate is cast for those from other provinces of the country, who migrate in that commune in search of Gold. The authorities of that province took those warnings to heart and promised to fight and definitively eradicate all those problems.