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Call for women to serve as role models in the development of their families


Dec 15, 2023

RUYIGI December 14th (ABP) – Women in Ruyigi province are called to serve as models in the development of their families. That was said during a discussion meeting with women from all the municipalities in the province.

The administrator of the Ruyigi commune, Mrs. Antoinette Semugara, specified that the women of her commune generally focus on development work for their families and the community. She also welcomed the fact that the women of Ruyigi are currently on the right track in investment through the projects they are presenting to the investment and development bank for women (BIDF).

However, she indicated that there are some of them who waste their time in bad behaviour such as drunkenness, sexual vagrancy and obscurantism.

Towards those women who turn a deaf ear to the advice given to them by their sisters, the governor of Ruyigi, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu does not mince words, she warns them that her province cannot in any case tolerate such anti-values which risk tainting and giving a bad reputation to his province.

She reminds them that Burundian women are known to be the educators of children and the positive models for society. She asked them to come to their senses and pull themselves together to follow in the footsteps of other citizens in development.

Governor Tabu indicated that such exchange meetings with women from all communes will continue with a view to awakening the entire population for a new impetus in development.