• Sat. May 25th, 2024

The fight against greed, cheating and the sharing of the leaders’ vision with the people are the main pillars for achieving the 2040-2060 vision


Apr 26, 2024

RUYIGI, April 25th (ABP) – Leaders in the various sectors of life in the commune of Ruyigi are being called upon to avoid greed and above all to express and share their vision of the development they want to achieve in collaboration with their fellow citizens and serve as a good example to the population, in order to achieve the vision of an emerging Burundi in 2040 and a developed Burundi in 2060.

That appeal was made by the administrator of Ruyigi, Mrs. Antoinette Semugara, at a time when her commune, in collaboration with members of the International Christian Ministry organization, is benefiting from capacity building in leadership. The training is aimed at representatives of public and private organizations and administrations, civil society, political parties, cooperatives and religious denominations.

The main messages conveyed to them are centered on the danger of greed and the desire to exercise dictatorship within an organization, where the leader wants to organize and manage everything without trusting his colleagues to succeed in achieving the project set.

One of the lessons that most caught the audience’s attention was the comparison of greed to an underground termite mound called “umushwena” in Kirundi, into which you can pour several tons of litres and which will never be full because its webs form a labyrinth that can reach the water table. The greedy person, it is stressed, is like that termite mound and his thirst for material goods and wealth will never be satisfied, and he will always have to leave a bad legacy to his descendants and even to his close and distant circle because he has never been able to serve as a positive example in the society he leads or simply in his family.

The representatives of the various organizations who are benefiting from those lessons are delighted with that new knowledge, which for some of them is the first time they have received it, and which they all agree will certainly add value to their daily lives and to the way they serve as leaders.

The representative of the NGO, Christian aïd, Claver Yamuremye, pointed out that for the past six months, its representatives have been visiting the various communes of Burundi, at the invitation of the communal authorities, and that good results are being recorded. He indicated that the ultimate objective is to support the current leaders in office so that at the end of their mandate they can leave with good results and a good legacy for the people.

The other objective he points to is that of instilling a culture of good leadership and accountability to citizens in every member of every organization that wants a bright and sustainable future. Young people are called upon to put into practice all the principles of leadership to avoid falling into the trap of bad leadership and prevent their organization from going bankrupt or simply closing down for lack of a clear vision of what they want to achieve.

The administrator of Ruyigi Semugara is advising all the participants in the capacity-building programme to go and restore the reputation of leadership in their respective localities so that the culture of leadership can take root and last for future generations, without forgetting the achievement of the vision of an emerging Burundi in 2040 and a developed Burundi in 2060.