• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

NGOs technical and financial partners in development called upon to improve their mode of operation on the ground


Mar 27, 2024

RUYIGI March 26th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province (eastern Burundi), Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu, advises representatives of non-governmental organizations, partners in the development of that province, to respect the agendas, conventions and procedures that they have signed with the government in carrying out the projects they are supporting in that province.

That advice was given after a meeting to evaluate the achievements of financial and technical partners working in Ruyigi province.

During that meeting, the governor of Ruyigi indicated that collaboration between technical and financial partner organizations which support his province in development is in good shape for the most part, except for a few recorded cases of error. Mrs. Tabu congratulated those who respect the mode of operation agreed with their organizations and the Burundian government. But she made it known that some of them make procedural errors which taint and call into question their professionalism. Those procedural defects are, among other things, the lack of reports, the case of certain reports which are exaggerated while others are simply imaginary and have no place on the ground, etc. The governor of Ruyigi also warned each manager of those failing organizations whose names she did not want to reveal. Actions not in accordance with their commitments are observed and closely monitored by the population and the administration, indicated the provincial governor, specifying that those officials risk making a fool of themselves and will certainly be sanctioned if they do not stop their unworthy behavior.

                                                                                                       View of meeting participants

The representatives of most of those NGOs said they were satisfied with that wink towards those who are not on the right track. They thus reminded their colleagues to follow in their footsteps and put words into action in the implementation of their projects. Some partners working mainly in the field of agriculture deplore the behavior of young people who denigrate that key sector of the country’s economy. They call on those young people to increase their enthusiasm for agriculture and bring innovation to achieve the vision of Burundi emerging in 2040 and developed in 2060.