• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Purchasers of properties that belonged to the Batwa community are authorized to resume their agricultural activities


Sep 10, 2023

KAYANZA September 7th  (ABP) – The purchasers of land properties which belonged to the Bedetse family of the Batwa community of Kinga in Kayanza commune and province (North) spent almost two years without carrying out any activity following the resistance of the descendants of this family.

It is in that context that the governor of Kayanza, accompanied by the public prosecutor in Kayanza, the provincial police commissioner and the communal administrator of Kayanza, visited the scene on Monday September 4, 2023.

During that field trip, those buyers indicated that they purchased, in 1992, those lands which belonged to the Bedetse family of the Batwa community. They stressed that they spent almost two years without exploiting them following resistance from the descendants of that family. They testified that they even took legal action from the Residence Court to the Ngozi Court of Appeal and that they won the case but without ever accessing their properties.

The descendants of the Bedetse family indicated that these land properties belong to them because these “so-called” buyers gave them a dead sheep and a case of local beer. They made it known that they neither consumed this sheep nor tasted this beer and that it is those who witnessed this scene who will have to repay to recover the properties granted to them by Prince Baranyanka.

The governor of Kayanza province, Col Rémy Cishahayo, gave authorization to the buyers to exploit those lands. He invited members of the Batwa community to wait for the decision which will be taken by the Minister of Justice within his powers.