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The construction of a marble tile factory is causing damage to the surrounding people


May 17, 2024

GITEGA, May 17th (ABP) – The people of the Mwaro-Ngundu village, in the Makebuko area and commune, in the province of Gitega (Center of the country) are complaining about the setting up of a marble tile factory.

The local people told ABP that the blasting of the rocks that make up the raw material for the factory is causing projectiles to explode and fall on the roofs of houses, causing damage.

                                                                                              A half-destroyed house

Pascal Ndagijimana, one of the many victims, said that his family had moved elsewhere because his house had become uninhabitable. He added that the roof is currently strewn with gaping holes. He added that the water that had seeped into the foundation of one of the walls had caused it to collapse.  Mr Ndagijimana has asked for compensation to restore his rights, he told ABP.

Euphreim Siniremera, advisor to the Makebuko commune administrator in charge of political, administrative, legal and social affairs, told ABP that the commune had joined the affected families in pleading for compensation from the East African Drilling and Granit company, which is currently in the process of setting up operations.

Contacted by telephone, the company’s managing director, Pierre Claver Ngenzebuhoro, said that the compensation would be paid once the work was completed.