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Sugar wholesalers recommended stopping diversion


Sep 6, 2023

KAYANZA September 6th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (north) brought together sugar wholesalers and communal administrators on Monday, September 4, in the provincial room. It was a question of discussing the strategies to adopt to curb the diversion of sugar, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

During that meeting, Governor Rémy Cishahayo warned sugar wholesalers who still dream of diverting sugar intended for the people, that those who are apprehended will be immediately prosecuted. For this provincial authority, sugar wholesalers are responsible for transporting that product from the warehouse located in Ngozi to the capital of Kayanza province.

Communal administrative officials will, in turn, have to transport the sugar to their respective communes, he insisted, inviting the police and the intelligence service to follow up to verify that the quantity of sugar was transported to the communes and that the people benefited from it.

Governor Cishahayo took the opportunity to warn traders who disrupt the scales during the sale of sugar. On that same occasion, he announced that four sugar wholesalers were removed from the list of those who obtain their supplies from SOSUMO for having been absent during the recent meeting recently organized by the Burundi Head of State