• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Parents urged to strengthen their children’s basic education


Sep 12, 2023

KAYANZA September 11th  (ABP) – The first vice-president of the Burundian Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye, joined on Saturday the people of Muruta commune in Kayanza province (north), in development work consisting of the tracing of a track leading to the Rwegura market currently under construction. She was in the company of some MPs elected in the constituency of Kayanza province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In her occasional speech, Mrs. Ndadaye returned to the importance of the community development works, citing among other things the construction of roads, markets and other public infrastructure. She stressed that the work of tracing this track has added value especially since the Rwegura market will welcome traders and customers coming from Kayanza, Cibitoke and Bubanza provinces.

As we are on the eve of the start of the school year, the first vice-president of the Senate asked parents to supervise their children especially by teaching them an education of good character because, she insisted, the knowledge learned at school School are only beneficial if combined with basic education. Children are the Burundi of tomorrow, which is why they must know a sense of respect, she added.

Mrs. Ndadaye took the opportunity to invite the inhabitants of Muruta in particular and those of the entire province in general to safeguard peace and security and to avoid any form of defamation against their peers but rather to ensure strict compliance with the law.

Shortly before, the communal administrator of Muruta and the governor’s advisor in charge of administration and finance had reported that the Muruta commune in particular and the Kayanza province in general are generally peaceful and the proof is that the people are going about their daily activities.