• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

CNC Chairperson satisfied with Burundi media’s performance


May 17, 2024

NGOZI, May 17th (ABP) – The National Media Council (CNC) organized a retreat for members of the CNC and other executives working directly with the Council from 14 to 17 May 2024 in Ngozi.

In her opening speech, the CNC Chairperson, Vestine Nahimana, expressed her satisfaction with the progress made by journalists and the media since 2015. For her, it is true that there are still some professional misconduct, but the media have generally adjusted. The CNC continues to support them so that they operate in a professional manner, respecting the ethics and deontology of the profession.

Journalists must also remain patriotic and promote the country’s good image. Mrs. Nahimana is also delighted with the good cooperation that exists between media companies and the regulatory authorities.     According to the CNC Chairperson, the Ngozi retreat is a mid-term assessment of the three-year plan, which is due to end in 2022. They need to see what has been achieved, the difficulties encountered, the reasons for failure and success, and the means of getting back on track.

According to her, that three-year plan needs to be adapted and designed over a 5-year period to include the 2027 presidential elections. The CNC Chairperson pointed out that the country was entering a crucial period of elections, which would be of great interest to journalists and the media. She insisted that standards must be respected to avoid blunders.