• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

At least 8,000 cases of school dropouts have been recorded this year


Jun 14, 2023

CIBITOKE June 14th (ABP) – At least 8,000 cases of school dropouts were recorded during the first two quarters of the 2022-2023 school year, in Cibitoke province, according to the provincial director in charge of Education (DPE), Joseph Nyandwi.

The reasons for school dropouts include poverty, early marriages and unwanted pregnancies, and other unknown causes, according to the same official. However, he pointed out, regarding poverty, the WFP supports four out of six communes in the province, through school canteens, apart from the fact that there are isolated cases of food theft in certain schools, and which are regularly punished by the reimbursement of stolen food. He asked that the grassroots administration collaborate with school principals, to organize meetings to sensitize parents, so that they no longer accept dropping out of school. According to the DPE in Cibitoke, the parents of the children who are involved in the management of the schools, through the school management committees (CGE), should communicate with the administration, to oblige such a learner to return to school.

As for the lack of classrooms and school benches, he encourages the leaders of the communes, who are sparing no effort to build new schools, if possible, in storey, as in Mparambo 2, in Rugombo commune, where a school in eight classrooms is ready to accommodate children. Regarding the lack of school benches in some schools, Mr. Nyandwi revealed that the Ministry in charge of Education has taken the issue in hand, and that the little that remains will be available before the start of the next school year.