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People living near the Nyempundu landslide ask to be moved elsewhere


Jun 15, 2023

CIBITOKE June 15th (ABP) – Nyempundu Village Leader Samuel Minani told a check by ABP on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, that three years after the unfortunate event of Nyempundu, which claimed the life of 28 people, some survivors who have not been relocated, ask for another site for the displaced, following the landslides that can be observed near their homes.

The same official argues that there should be a health center for his people, which are around 10,000 inhabitants. He pointed out that for certain localities, it takes them four or five hours of walking to transport a patient to the health center of Nyamakarabo. Their village also lacks a school for their children, he added. He asks that a new basic school built by the people supported by the commune, opens its doors next September. He said that students who finish the 9th year are forced to continue their studies far away from their families.