• Sat. May 25th, 2024

ASSONAPROCI members exchange New Year greetings


May 3, 2024

CIBITOKE, May 3rd (ABP) – FDNB and PNB officers from the province of Cibitoke and members of the Association of Native Officers of the Province of Cibitoke (ASSONAPROCI) met on Sunday 28 April 2024, in the capital of their province, to talk about achievements and future prospects, and to exchange New Year’s greetings for 2024.

On that occasion, the Head of Cabinet in charge of military matters at the Presidency of the Republic, who is also a member of the association, Gnl Maj. Silas Ntigurirwa, gave ASSONAPROCI members a great deal of advice, urging them above all to maintain unity, cohesion and brotherhood, so as to stand up as one body and contribute together to the development of their province, with a view to the national vision 2040-2060.

                                                                                                        Major Sosthène Ndikumana

He praised the Organisation of that evaluation meeting, which he considered to be of vital importance for the progress of the association. According to him, it provides an opportunity for self-assessment, so that we can adopt strategies to move forward together and make an effective contribution to development.

To achieve that, they need a change in mentality and the ability to do better,” he said. He revealed that many countries have developed thanks to the foresight and contribution of the military and police.

                                                                                     View of ASSONAPROCI members

For the President of ASSONAPROCI, Brigadier General Jean Luc Habarugira, the occasion was an opportunity to assess the situation, to see what has worked and the constraints along the way that now need to be overcome, in order to make progress, achieve the objectives of ASSONAPROCI, and align ourselves with the national vision, as actors in the development of the province.

As for achievements, the spokesman for the ASSONAPROCI steering committee, Major Sosthène Ndikumana, cited support for the integration and supervision of young officer candidates from Cibitoke province, who are undergoing academic training with the defense and security forces.

He also spoke of their practice of providing various forms of assistance to one or other member, in the event of happy or unhappy events. Major Ndikumana also revealed that a new three-person committee had been set up for a four-year term, with the task of collaborating with the province’s administrative authority and keeping abreast of current development projects, in order to discuss how the province’s native officers can contribute to bringing their province to a safe harbor.