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Preparations for the 9th grade national competition are going


May 10, 2024

BUJUMBURA, May 10th (ABP) – Preparations for the national competition for the 9th grade, 2024 edition are going well throughout the country, the director of the education system evaluation office, Mr. Adrien, told ABP on Monday. Sabushimike. Mr. Sabushimike indicates that they have already recorded the names of the candidates adding that they have already arranged the places where that test will take place.

Furthermore, he said, the preparation committee for that competition will begin its activities on May 10, 2024. According to Mr. Sabushimike, other preparations concern the search for financial means which will be used during the competition.

The director of the competition assessment office notes that that 9th grade competition will begin in the first week of June, urging teachers to help students do the revision well. He also invited students to be calm.

Concerning the students who were forced to move following floods and other natural disasters, Mr. Sabushimike indicated that they will take that competition in their current residences. He also announced that communal supervisors will come from the central administration. Mr. Sabushimike nevertheless notes the challenges linked to the fuel shortage observed in the country, specifying that they are in the process of sending letters to those concerned to ask them to reserve fuel for them which will be used during the handover of the contract. national competition.

As for the prefect of studies at the Ngagara high school of excellence Mr. Didace Nzabampema, he said that they are in the process of organizing management tests while giving standard tests to the students to help them prepare well for that competition. In that high school, the month of April ended with the finalization of the planned programs while the month of May is reserved for the revision of subjects.