• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The natives of the Banga zone have come to the aid of the victims of weather variations


Apr 19, 2022

KAYANZA April 19th (ABP) – Nearly 200 households in the Nyakibingo, Rudehe, Murambi and Bihunge villages, Banga zone in Matongo commune of Kayanza province (north), who were affected last March by rain mixed with hail and strong wind, benefited on Saturday from the natives of that zone, an aid made of wheat seeds where each household received 5kg.

The administrator of the Matongo commune, Mrs. Alice Nsabiyumva, commended that aid and took the opportunity to call on other natives and benefactors to follow in the footsteps of those natives of the Banga zone.

As for the beneficiaries of the seeds, she urged them to sow them without delay, a check by ABP revealed.

In his speech for the occasion, the representative of the natives of the Banga zone, Mr. Fabien Yamuremye, explained that they chose those cereals to allow the beneficiaries whose fields were damaged following weather variations to proceed with the sowing. He recalled that sowing for the 2022 cropping season B is already late. On that occasion, he promised that the natives of the aforesaid zone will provide seed assistance counting for the 2023 cropping season A.

In turn, the communal administrator of Matongo, as well as the beneficiaries of the wheat seeds, expressed a feeling of satisfaction while asking the other natives of Matongo and benefactors to follow in the footsteps of those of the Banga zone.

Mrs. Nsabiyumva took the opportunity to urge the victims of weather variations to proceed without delay to the sowing of those cereals distributed to them. Before carrying out this charitable act, the natives of Banga had joined the members of the coffee cooperative called “Kazoza ni Ikawa” (Future relies on Coffee) in cleaning work on a length of about 5 km of the road coming from the RN1 to lead to the Mpemba pulping-washing station.

Note that before that activity, the administrator of Matongo had participated in the work consisting in covering with iron sheets a classroom in the basic school of Nyakibingo.