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Winners Christian Center church donates school supplies to schoolchildren in Ntunda


Apr 13, 2022

Karusi April 13th (ABP) – Apostle José Eduard Niyungeko of the Winners Christian Center church offered last week, as part of the sharing on the occasion of the Easter feast, notebooks and pens, rice and juices to the community of Ntunda village, Gitaramuka commune at the end of the crusade organized since Friday April 10, 2022.

The number of 117 students received notebooks and pens, 34 households each received 2 kg of rice and 168 children had juice on the occasion of the upcoming Easter celebration according to Apostle José Eduard Niyungeko. His church has projects to improve the life of the community of Ntunda in general and of the commune in particular, Apostle José Eduard Niyungeko told a check by ABP. “I intend to target orphans who have problems related to their schooling and support them soon”. I also want to come to the aid of the vulnerable widows of the place in the near future, confessed the apostle. “A holy spirit in a healthy body”, recalled Apostle Niyungeko who promised to approach the administration in order to support the construction of health centers and schools.

It is worth noting that the Winners Christian Center Burundi church, which has its headquarters in Bujumbura, is present only at Ntunda in Gitaramuka commune in the entire province of Karusi.