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Celebration of the International Day of Peace in Ruyigi province


Sep 29, 2021

RUYIGI September 29th (ABP) – Internationally renowned Burundian athlete Charles Nkazamyampi called on the youth of Ruyigi, on Saturday September 25, during the celebration of the International Day of Peace in Ruyigi province, to safeguard peace and to increase their efforts aimed at their self-development.

As part of the celebration of the International Day of Peace, former athlete Nkazamyampi organized a 5,000-meter running competition for young girls and boys between the ages of 15 and 20.

That competition was made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Charles Nkazamyampi foundation and a consortium of four NGOs working in Ruyigi province, namely Care international, World vision, IRC, and Play international. The ultimate goal of that competition was to bring together young people in order to mobilize them in the strengthening of peace and to detect possible athletic talents that require follow-up so that they can evolve in that sport.

In her speech, the governor of Ruyigi, Mrs. Emérencienne Tabu, recalled that peace is the foundation and the pillar of any process aimed at development, whether on an individual, associative or community basis, because, she insisted, the conflicts and war only destroy everything that has been built.

Thus, she underlined, they must pay our attention to all kinds of words, acts and even all gestures, to prevent conflicts of all kinds so that peace endures from generation to generation and give their development a chance.

She indicated that the people of Ruyigi is delighted with the peace that currently prevails in that province and that the inhabitants have the duty to safeguard it.

The same goes for Charles Nkazamyampi, who said that the best way to preserve peace is to start with the youngest people so that they learn from an early age the invaluable value of living in peace and enjoying its benefits. He noted that the strengthening of peace involves the fight against idleness and unemployment because we cannot speak of peace to an individual whose stomach is empty and no longer to one who lacks means. to seek treatment when he falls ill.

According to Nkazamyampi it is now high time to learn and encourage young people to work together and serve as an example to those who still hesitate to join forces so that their works and their voice can carry far and be better heard. He also called on young people who feel the vocation to continue practicing and not lose hope. Charles Nkazamyampi called on the youth of Ruyigi to take the example of the diligent and persevering work of Francine Niyonsaba, the famous athlete native of that province so that their efforts can bring great success.

The young people who took part in that competition asked for coaches who have enough knowledge in athletics with regular follow-up to bring them to a considerable performance for competitions at national, regional and international level.

Note that 1st place, on the men’s side, was won by 15-year-old Ciza Désiré, a pupil at the Nyamutobo communal high school, with a time of 11 min18 sec and 61 hundredths while in the women’s category, Diane Ndayikengurukiye, 13 years old, from Ruyigi Technical High School, won 1st place with a time of 14 min 27 seconds and 57 hundredths.