• Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Half-yearly assessment of the progress of the fight against malnutrition in the communes


Mar 14, 2024

RUYIGI March 13th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province, Mrs. Emerencienne Tabu, called on the authorities of the various services to join forces with those of the people of their respective communes to definitively eliminate malnutrition in that province.

That appeal was launched on Saturday March 9, 2024, the day after a biannual evaluation meeting, of the step already taken by the people of Ruyigi province in the fight against malnutrition.

Governor Tabu particularly insisted on the visits to the communes to reassure himself that the advice given during the sensitization in the communities is put into practice by the population. Development is not possible, according to her, in a hungry community.

During that evaluation, the governor of Ruyigi indicated that the objective of that meeting was to see how the implementation of the decisions and recommendations that were made during the previous meeting took place. She indicated that it is obvious that the main activities which consisted of holding awareness sessions within the communities were achieved by more than 80% in the seven communes of Ruyigi province, as shown in the reports.

She also asked communal administrators, members of the Provincial Food and Nutritional Security Platform (PPSAN) and communal platforms (PCSAN), that their next objectives are to return to the communities to inquire about the implementation in practice of the advice that was given to the people, such as the multiplication of vegetables within households, the installation of compost bins to have compost, modern agricultural techniques and others, so that they can identify if the people have had success and list possible blockages and challenges that the people faces, in order to find solutions.

The governor of the Ruyigi province also reminded municipal administrators that they must respect the report outlines given to them, in order to facilitate the reading and use of communal reports.

She also advised communal administrators to advocate among technical and financial partners so that they support the priorities of their communes.