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The Burundi Senate President has joined the people of Ruyigi in community development works


Sep 28, 2021

RUYIGI September 28th (ABP) – The Burundi Senate President, Emmanuel Sinzohagera, paid a private visit to the headquarters of the province of Ruyigi, on Saturday, September 25 where he joined the people of Ruyigi in community development works, which consisted of mixing concrete, on the ongoing construction of the building housing the new offices in the province.

Mr. Sinzohagera was with pastors from the United Methodist Church from across Ruyigi Province.

In his welcoming speech, the governor of Ruyigi expressed his thanks to the Senate President for his moral and material support which he has regularly given to the province of Ruyigi since the latter began its construction project for the new offices of the province a year ago.

In his speech, the Senate President called on the people of Ruyigi to develop a spirit of solidarity in development by working in cooperatives, to safeguard peace and security without forgetting to respect the barrier measures of prevention against the coronavirus.

He said that his visit was made as part of contributing in the construction of the office building of the province and donated a sum of 4,848,500 Burundian francs from the three districts of the church. United Methodist, namely that of Kinyinya, Murehe and Ruyigi and Gisuru of which he is the legal representative at the national level.

He reminded the people that they are the main development actors they want and that there is strength in unity.