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China National Academy of Governance, a think tank for government officials and partners to improve their polical acumen and theoretical knowledge 


Apr 21, 2024
BEIJING, April 19th (ABP) – The China National Academy of Governance, a.k.a the Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China or Central Committee Party School (CCPS) is not only a think tank for Chinese government officials, but also for its partners from different countries of the world to improve their political acumen and theoretical knowledge, journalists from different continents of the world learned on April 16, 2024 during the visit to that School headquartered in Beijing.
Historically speaking, the school took inception in 1933 under the appellation of ” Marxist Communist School “. It is in 1994 that it was named ” National School of Administration ” or “China National Academy of Governance “. Thus, this school trains senior and middle-level civil servants, as well as senior administrators and policy experts. It delivers scientific research, notably studies pertaining to theories of public administration and other subjects, as well as consultation on decision-making to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC).
Following the Xi Jinping Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, the school has helped to advance the building of the whole Party ideologically and theoretically and the capacity of leaders, the development of Chinese philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics, the creation of a moderately prosperous society and the Chinese path to modernization.
Professor Xie Chuntao, executive vice-president of the China National Academy of Governance, said in a news conference he hosted on the sidelines of the guided visits made inside this large headquarters of the said School that government officials spend some time in the Party School to learn Marxism and other important studies which help them align their ideas more closely with the Party’s lines, values, and programs, while consciously protecting the Party’s unified leadership. The school also helps them stick to their promise aimed at serving and building the nation on the basis of a people-centered development approach. Over 50000 government officials were trained in 2023, and many partners were trained online, he added.
View of foreign journalists during the news conference hosted by Prof. Xie Chuntao
Prof. Xie Chuntao stressed that since Xi Jinping’s accession to power, people have enjoyed life and have their living standards improved from a year to another. ” China spends all its money to build the country, hence its infrastructure looks better in the world, and it did a better job in 2023 than developed countries in terms of Gross Domestic Product. If you are in remote areas, you will constantly have access to internet, which is not even the case for some developed countries “, he said with joy, highlighting by quoting President Xi Jinping that the State is the people and the people are the State.
The vice-president of the National Academy of Governance told the visitors that China always acknowledges government officials who perform their duties well and promote them to high positions. All government officials should start from the low-level positions. Xi Jinping assumed positions in seven provinces of the country, hence he got long experience in governance, he exemplified, pointing out that any government official wanting to become rich instead of serving the people has to choose other professions.
Regarding China’s foreign policy, Prof. Chuntao underscored that China always seeks to establish peaceful and harmonious relationships with other countries. Contrary to the western countries, he added, China helps its partner countries to generate bread or to draw fish out of water for themselves. Relations must also be established independently or without any influence, and in mutual respect. The CPC has also maintained intensive interactions with other political parties of different countries, he pointed out.
Concerning international cooperation and exchange, the National Academy of Governance, which accomplishes its tasks under the motto ” Seeking truth from facts “, has established collaborations with 95 countries and regions, 323 institutions, ans 23 international and multilateral organizations. So far, it has had over 13,000 alumni from 164 foreign countries.
Its main teaching and research institutions include the school of Marxism, the department of public administration, the department of CPC history, the department of philosophy, the department of politics and law, the department of party building, the department of economics, the department of social governance and ecological advancement, the institute of international strategic studies, department of scientific socialism, the department of culture and history, and the emergency management training center.
Statue of Mao Zedong testifying to the tribute CCPS pays to him
Prof. Chuntao answered all questions put to him by foreign journalists, including those related to democracy and religion. He said that China is a democratic country led by the CPC whose fundamental duty is to serve the people wholeheartedly in order to improve their living standards. ” Since 1949, China has differed from western countries when it comes to religion. China has the freedom of believing western religion or not. If Vatican accepts our principles, we can establish relations “, he underscored.
Note that important Party and State leaders in different stages of Chinese history including Mao Zedong, one of the first 13 deputies of China, Liu Shaoqi, Hu Juntao, and Xi Jinping have all presided over CCPS.
Statues of the first thirteen deputies of China inside CCPS