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Sugar consumers ask for an increase in the quantity intended for the City Council


Jul 11, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 9th (ABP) – Sugar consumers residing in Bujumbura City Council are asking for an increase in the quantity intended for Bujumbura province. Those are the words of consumers interviewed with a check by ABP on Wednesday July 7, 2021, in a visit paid to various sugar sales areas.

During that visit, a check by ABP noted that sugar cannot be found in various foodstuffs that they visited in downtown Bujumbura. As to when they hope to have this article, some say they are not aware of the information and are waiting for distribution day. Others said they were waiting until the next day.

Consumers they met say the sugar shortage is still being talked about as the sugar production campaign was launched at the Moso Sugar Company a few weeks ago. When the activities were launched, we hoped for a sigh of relief for consumers but the finding and people continue to lament. They add that even if sugar becomes available in the neighborhood, the household notebook was required to be served once with a single kilo. That amount is insufficient for some families with children. They need sugar in large quantities but the only kilo is not enough to meet their needs, they deplore.

They ask the government that the quantity intended for the City Council should be increased to meet consumer demands and avoid speculation for traders who want to take advantage of the sugar shortage to sell it discreetly at an exorbitant price. They also ask that all food stores that sell bread be served with sugar so that bread and sugar can be bought without problem.