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The permanent stabling livestock project is experiencing hesitation in the communes of Buganda and Rugombo


Jun 10, 2021

CIBITOKE June 10th (ABP) – Preparations for the government plan forcing the people of Burundi to practice livestock in permanent stabling are progressing with hesitation in the communes of Buganda and Rugombo, Cibitoke province (north-western Burundi). Very few prepare themselves by building proper stables and growing forage grasses to feed the cows in those communes.

Some say they will sell their herds before October 2021; others have already driven their herds to DR Congo. There are those who ask for the availability of cows of productive breeds, especially for milk.

For the four remaining communes, livestock in permanent stabling is already a reality, apart from the fear of the problem of always finding young bulls to fatten, which they normally bought in the communes of the Imbo plain.

Recently, during the cow vaccination campaign against lumpy skin disease from May 31 to June 4, only 9,974 cows were vaccinated against that disease, according to the provincial animal health officer in Cibitoke, Mr. Jean Sindayigaya. He indicates that fewer cows have received that vaccine with the payment of 1000 BIF per head, compared to the numbers of previous campaigns.

He lets it be known that there are those who say they do not see the point of having their animals vaccinated to sell them the next day. The same official also deplores the fact that few people are preparing for the policy of permanent stabling.