• Sun. May 26th, 2024

Burundian ombudsman took part in the community works in Buganda


Apr 16, 2024

CIBITOKE, April 16th (ABP) – The Ombudsman of the Republic of Burundi, Mrs Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, joined on Saturday 13 April the inhabitants of Buganda commune in Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi), in the 6th transversal of Nyamitanga, in community work which consisted of sanitation and the cleaning of gutters for the protection of the National Road (RN5).

The Burundian ombudsman thanked the authorities for organising that work, which was extremely useful in view of the roughness of the tracks and other infrastructure. She encouraged the population to respond en masse whenever they are called upon to take part in community development work and contouring.

Mrs Kanyana pointed out that the road is of vital importance for the movement of goods and people between one province and another, or between countries. She called on the people of Cibitoke province to show political tolerance and live together peacefully, especially during the forthcoming elections. She did not fail to take issue with the phenomena of polygamy and concubinage, adding that understanding and dialogue between spouses leads to the sustainable development of households. The Burundian ombudsman urged the inhabitants of Cibitoke province to safeguard peace and security, which are the pillars of development.

According to Anicet Saïdi, head of the cabinet of the governor of Cibitoke, cleaning up the gutters and maintaining the RN5 have become a preoccupation of the administration for that infrastructure that links his province to the capital Bujumbura and to neighbouring countries. He called for studies to find a lasting solution to the problem of run-off from the Zina hill overlooking the RN5.