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A new health facility has taken inception in Cibitoke province


Jun 9, 2021

CIBITOKE June 9th (ABP) – Since February 1, 2021, the Dave Center for Physiotherapy and Functional Rehabilitation (CDPRF) has been providing services to patients in Cibitoke province, suffering from various pathologies.

Located a few meters from the Cibitoke hospital, the CDPRF led by Mr. David Niyongabo, a physiotherapist graduate from the Hope Africa University of Bujumbura has three services, including physiotherapy; Uro-gynecology; and Orthopedic surgery.

Mr. Niyongabo revealed to a check by ABP that his innovation in creating the said center is to help his fellow citizens of his native province to access physiotherapy services on site, without always going down to the healthcare facilities in the capital Bujumbura.

Before the creation of his center, he obtained an authorization from the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS to put his service inside the Cibitoke hospital from June 2019 to the end of 2020. As the number of his patients was steadily increasing, he saw fit to seek out where he could find sufficient premises and space to satisfy his patients, and he went out to settle not far from the hospital. His patients or nurses met in the premises of the said center testify to the latter’s interest in them or theirs. A woman named Jeanne revealed that her husband had abandoned her because of their child over three years old, who could not sit up, but with the healthcare the child receives free of charge and regularly, her child begins to sit.

She and others positively appreciate the services of this center and ask that it be supported in its services to the community.

The managing director of the CDPRF, Mr. Niyongabo, thanks the authority of the ministry in charge of health which encourages young people in their innovations, and told the check by ABP his steps for the partnership with the ministry in charge of human rights to continue caring for the community in general and vulnerable people in particular.

Speaking of the package of services offered at the said center, there is in particular the traumatology which treats the sequelae of accidents, fractures, dislocations, burns, adult neurology which deals with post-stroke hemiplegia and other paralyses, and Parkinson’s disease. There is also neuropediatrics dealing with cerebral palsy, the branchial plexus, and the sequelae of quinine infections.

There is also rheumatology which treats back pain, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia. For Uro-Gynecology, they do pre and post natal rehabilitation and perineum against urinary and fecal incontinence.

The said center provides respiratory physiotherapy against asthma, bronchiolitis and the sequelae of pleurisy, not to mention respiratory congestion.

Note that this hospitalized center receives an average of sixty patients per day from Monday to Friday, according to the official who specified that care is free for those under five and the indigent and 2,000 Burundi francs per session for others.