• Sat. May 25th, 2024

The Ministry of National Defense promises to support veterans’ cooperative societies


Feb 13, 2024

KIRUNDO, February 13th (ABP) – The Minister of National Defense and Veterans, Mr. Alain Tribert Mutabazi, along with executives from his ministry, joined on Thursday, on February 8 veterans of the Bugabira commune in Kirundo province (northern Burundi), teamed up in a cooperative society called “Inkingi z’amahoro”, in the maize harvest work, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The members of the said cooperative society have rented a cultivable land of 2.5 hectares, said the leader of that cooperative society, Mr. Augustin Nshimumukiza, specifying that an production of around 15 tons is expected.

Mr. Nshimumukiza presented to Minister Mutabazi some of the challenges that haunt their cooperative society, including the lack of a powerful motor pump to irrigate their field, and livestock for manure.

The Minister in charge of Veterans encouraged those veterans who have set themselves the goal of increasing agricultural production. He indicated that his ministry is ready to support the cooperatives which are working to increase production. The primary agricultural and livestock sector has a crucial role in the country’s economy, he underlined, promising that his ministry will remain alongside veterans to support them financially, materially and technically so that they are comfortable in their work. He invited the others former combatants who have not yet joined others in these self-development groups to come together to produce more, as part of supporting the vision of the President of the Republic of an emerging and developed Burundi in 2040 and in 2060, respectively.

Note that Minister Mutabazi’s first visit was made the same day to the cooperative society of veterans of Mwumba commune in Ngozi province (northern Burundi) where he visited their coffee field.