• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The people of Cibitoke are invited to contribute to the implementation of the PCDCs


Jul 5, 2024

CIBITOKE, July 5th (ABP) – In its third year, after the average budget gave way to the programme budget, the governor’s advisor on administrative and financial affairs, Narcisse Ntihabose, is pleased with the strengths of that planning tool, including the texts implementing that reform and the availability of other documents such as the National Development Plan (NDP) and the Community Development Plans (PCDCs).

Mr Ntihabose is concerned that the PCDCs are not being implemented in real time.  He explains that the delays in the implementation of the PCDCs are linked to the low level of municipal revenues in relation to the budget earmarked for the implementation of the PCDCs.

By way of example, that advisor to the governor of Cibitoke revealed that the leading commune in terms of volume of revenue can only record 750 million Burundi francs (BFU) per year, while the estimated cost of implementing the five-year PCDC is more than forty billion BFU. He pointed out that each time the municipalities draw up their priorities and annual work plans (PTBAs), they take the PCDCs into account, but there are still huge discrepancies between the annual revenue and the PCDC projections.

Mr. Ntihabose urged the people of Cibitoke to work hard, produce a lot and contribute effectively to their communities. Without their contribution, government funds through FONIC cannot cover the cost of development, he said, adding that we should not always rely on the interventions of partners who may come today and leave the next day.