• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

One Acre Fund Tubura is congratulated for its support to Ngozi farmers


Feb 13, 2024

NGOZI, February 13th (ABP) – During a visit organized on Friday February 9 to Ngozi by the NGO One Acre Fund Tubura, a huge difference was clearly noted in the level of peasant fields, from the qualitative and even quantitative point of view.

The legal advisor to the governor of Ngozi, Mr. Paul Niyonzima, who headed the administrative delegation, praised the greenery and the good quality of the supervised fields. He specified that Tubura is visibly working to implement the national policy of agricultural intensification and the slogan of the Head of State who wants every mouth to have something to eat and every pocket to have money. He urged all Ngozi farmers to adhere, like the farmers supervised by Tubura, to the land pooling policy. This requires all farmers to plow, sow, weed, fertilize, use insecticides and harvest at the same time to combat pests, thieves and crop wastage.

On the beneficiaries’ side, there is satisfaction. They are delighted with the production that they record with the supervision of Tubura. According to them, production has increased in recent years from single to double, or even triple for some.

Elias Mugabonifaranga, who represented One Acre Fund Tubura, said that this project provides training in modern agricultural techniques and the artisanal production of organic manure. It also grants loans for organo-mineral manure, selected seeds and other agricultural and non-agricultural equipment such as biolite lamps, mobile phones, etc. This NGO currently operates in Ngozi province in 6 communes, namely Ngozi, Mwumba, Kiremba, Busiga, Tangara and Marangara. It plans to soon expand its activities to the three remaining communes.

At the country level, One Acre Fund Tubura operates in the provinces of Ngozi, Kayanza, Muyinga, Ruyigi, Gitega, Muramvya and Mwaro.