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Increasing agricultural production through the expansion of irrigated fields, one of the objectives of the Musenyi cooperative


Sep 14, 2023

BUBANZA September 13th  (ABP) – The cooperative “Dushiringuvu hamwe mukuvomera indimo”, of Musenyi, in Mpanda commune (North-West of Burundi), has set itself the objective of building a mini irrigation dam, to the extension of fields to be sown and the increase in agricultural production, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That cooperative has existed since 2020 and is made up of 210 members, including 80 women. It operates in agriculture and has set itself the objective of erecting a mini irrigation dam, which is already under construction on the Musenyi River, with the aim of increasing the cultivable area and agricultural production. The idea of building this mini irrigation dam was motivated by the fact that the inhabitants of this locality of Musenyi harvested once a year, but currently farm there every three seasons, namely planting rice during the first two growing seasons and market gardening, in growing season C. That mini dam under construction already irrigates 150 hectares, out of 250 that the members were targeting. And 50 jobs were created in those fields, according to the vice-president of that cooperative, Pascal Ndayiragije.

One of the members, contacted by the ABP, in Musenyi itself, indicates that this irrigation has led to an increase in production. He says he was able to buy a rice field and pigs to rise.

Pascal Ndayiragije and other members of the cooperative, contacted, call on other neighboring cooperatives to contribute to the construction of the mini irrigation dam because, they explain, they will need it. They are asking for support from the State and other provincial development partners to support that project because it was budgeted at 222 million BIF.