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Soon a university institute to help disadvantaged pupils


Apr 29, 2024

BUBANZA, April 29th (ABP) – On the initiative of the provincial administration of Bubanza, native executives and the consultative council, a university institute is being built in the headquarters of Bubanza province (north-west Burundi) with the aim of facilitating access to higher education for students who do not have access to the University of Burundi and who do not have the financial means to afford private universities, according to a provincial administrative source.

According to David Ndayizeye, the governor’s adviser in charge of development, the institute has been named “”, and is being built with contributions from the natives and inhabitants of Bubanza province.

The premises are almost ready, and the institute plans to open its doors in October that year, with departments for Health and Nutrition, Agri-food Processing, Hospitality and Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

As far as teaching staff are concerned, suitable native and local managers have already promised to volunteer. In the future, there are plans to build student hostels, the same source added.

The governor’s adviser responsible for development said that the idea of setting up that institute was prompted by the fact that there are secondary school graduates who do not go on to university because of poverty. They find themselves unable to afford the fees of private universities located far from their homes. He called on parents to tell their children about the Institute. The other call is for them to take ownership of how it works, because, he stresses, parents and children are the primary beneficiaries.

There are three private higher education institutes in Bubanza province.