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A young entrepreneur advises other young people to dare to start a business even with small capital


Sep 22, 2023

BUJUMBURA September 20th (ABP) – “Young people must dare to undertake even with small start-up capital, work together and develop partnerships with others who have already succeeded to share experiences.” These are the advice of Deo Nduwayezu, general manager of the Suave Product Company (SUPC) working in the capital of Kayanza province, during an interview he gave to ABP, Friday September 15, 2023, in Bujumbura.

                                                      View of chickens and layers produced

The general director of SUPC said that in 2018, after completing his university studies, instead of waiting for public service employment, he embarked on entrepreneurship. After having acquired sufficient knowledge on how to undertake, to create a business, he launched into the manufacture and sale of egg incubators or egg incubators, which are devices which allow fertilized eggs to be incubated, in order to obtain chicks. With a capital of 352,000 BIF, that SUPC Company manufactures incubators capable of incubating between 352 to 2112 eggs and more.

In addition to the manufacturing of these devices, Mr. Nduwayezu said that the company has evolved into other activities such as the production and sale of chicks of different ages from 1 day to 1 month. It has also launched into the production and sale of chicken feed of different categories including chicks, layers, broilers and others.

The company continued to innovate until the breeding of laying hens to produce eggs to be incubated or not and chickens.

The production and sale of poultry manure, the supply of breeding equipment and poultry veterinary products, training, coaching and supervision of poultry farmers are other activities carried out by the SUPC Company. Currently, the company has reached a turnover of 80,000,000 BIF, which he considers satisfactory because it can allow him to take out credit from banks.

Mr. Nduwayezu did not fail to point out that in entrepreneurship; there is no shortage of challenges. He clarified that at the beginning there is the fear, the doubts of starting a business with little financial means, there is also the difficulty of having the market for selling products and others.

Despite those challenges, he advises young people to overcome them, to be resilient, to dare to undertake to create jobs, to work hard, to develop partnerships with others who have succeeded to share experiences and to be inspired by those latter.

He thanked the Burundian State for its multifaceted contribution, citing the establishment of a legal and regulatory framework facilitating entrepreneurship as well as peace and security because, without the latter, no development project or commercial activity would be possible. ‘is possible. He did not forget to mention the investment bank for young people (BIJE) which grants loans for the execution of youth projects, specifying that he too took out a loan from the BIJE. He also cited the youth economic empowerment and employment program (PAEEJ) which put young Burundian entrepreneurs into networking with other young people from other countries to share experiences and inspire each other.