• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The Local Solidarity Day has been Celebrated


Aug 7, 2023

MWARO August 7th (ABP) – The people of Mwaro province joined other Burundians in celebrating the Day dedicated to local solidarity on Friday, August 4, 2023.

In the Kibungere zone of Nyabihanga commune, the ceremonies were honored with the presence of the minister in charge of solidarity, Mrs. Imelde Sabushimike. People collected food including beans, maize grains, cassava, rice as well as clothes, shoes and money. The Minister also distributed 59 rabbits to the Kibungere Zone Women’s Cooperative.

On that occasion, Minister Sabushimike received two donations on behalf of the Girimbabazi foundation erected in Kibungere village. One donation granted by World Vision consisted of degreasers that will be used in the manufacture of soaps for young apprentices, the other consisted of two rolls of fabrics for uniforms that will be granted to vulnerable children who study at that school and two sewing machines granted by the “Semeurs d’Avenir” foundation, whose headquarters are in Belgium.

The delegate of that foundation, Jean Pierre Hakizimana, said that this foundation supports women of low means in the drawing up of income-generating activities such as agriculture, livestock, trade, sewing and others.