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A Native to Rugombo Commune has Granted Health Insurance Cards to vulnerable people


Aug 8, 2023

CIBITOKE August 8th (ABP) – A total of 125 health insurance cards (CAM) were granted last week to vulnerable families in Rugombo commune, Cibitoke province.

The charitable act was accomplished by Polycarpe Nsabiyumva, a native of Musenyi village, currently living in Bujumbura.

In his speech, he indicated that he had done that good deed in favor of his native village, by way of recognition of gestures or other support, which he benefited from one or another neighbor of his family, at his younger age.

He said that helping the vulnerable does not mean that we must have a lot of material means, but rather, the will to share the little we have with the poor.

View of the beneficiaries

As charity begins with oneself, he claimed to have started with his village, in favor of neighbors who have difficulty finding money to be treated, or to have their offspring treated. He took the opportunity to appeal to other natives of his commune, to help the needy, because there are many, starting with orphans and widowers.

The beneficiaries said they were satisfied with the assistance in CAM. They pleaded in favor of their neighbors who did not have that chance, while they also have difficulties in being treated.

According to the administrator of the Rugombo commune, Gilbert Manirakiza, the good health of the people is the pillar of development. He called on the other natives of his commune to follow in his footsteps. He asked them to take ownership of the practice of local solidarity or assistance to people with disabilities, widowers, and orphans.