• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Owners of bars and hotels are called upon to be registered in the registers available in the zones


Jun 14, 2023

RUMONGE June 14th (ABP) – The governor of Rumonge province, Léonard Niyonsaba, brought together on Monday, June 12, 2023, the traders who own hotels and bars to remind them of the importance of working in compliance with the law.

As he indicated, the meeting was organized with a view to evaluating the clauses resulting from the meeting held on January 24, 2023, for traders of Brarudi products, at the same time holders of hotels and bars. According to him, they had agreed that each of them had to work respecting the prices set by the State and to be registered to be recognized by the law and to obtain an operating license. After verification, Governor Léonard Niyonsaba, found that a minimal number of traders have implemented the measure. The latter indicated that they were enlisted and deplored the fact that they are not on the list of traders of Brarudi products.

                                                                                              View of the participants

Faced with this situation, the governor of Rumonge province has set up a commission at the level of each commune, whose mission is to go until Thursday to different zones to check whether the owners of hotels or bars are working in accordance with the law. He therefore invited those traders to register again in their zones.

By closing the meeting, Mr. Niyonsaba called on the traders owning bars and hotels to do their best to maintain peace and tighten security.