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2023 ‘Made in Burundi’ Fair and ‘Public-Private Academic Partnership’ Forum Have Been Opened


Jun 15, 2023

BUJUMBURA June 15th (ABP) – The Vice President of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Prosper Bazombanza, opened on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at the source du Nil hotel, the works of the “Made in Burundi” fair and the public-private academic partnership forum, 2023 edition. That fair, which will last from June 9 to 17, was organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Transport, Industry and Tourism and the Ministry of National Education and scientific research, under the theme “research and innovation, at the service of businesses in Burundi”.

In his speech, Mr. Bazombanza recalled that Burundians want to see an emerging Burundi in 2040 and a developed one in 2060, stressing that this exhibition manifests the fruits of those who have already understood that emergence begins with ourselves because, they have combined will, research, innovation, creativity, to produce made in Burundi.

The Vice President of the Republic of Burundi also recalled that collaboration between the research sector and the production sector to achieve competitiveness has merits, especially when it is necessary to promote a dynamic and diversified industry. According to him, universities must be torchbearers of the country’s development and students from the various higher institutions are called upon to be not only student researchers, but also student entrepreneurs, because theoretical knowledge must be accompanied by practice.

He added that the public and private sectors as well as development partners must play, each in its own way, a key role as emerged in the strategy for implementing the national policy of industrialization of Burundi. The event thus offers an opportunity to encourage public and private partners to promote the private sector by participating more actively in the foundation of companies for the growth of the national economy and by putting their expertise to the benefit of Burundians.

At the same time, he called on the private sector to take ownership of its vital role in driving economic growth and fighting poverty. More than 60% of the Burundian population are under 35 years old. To that end, he urged them to place young people in their actions because the sustainable development of the country depends on their ability to undertake.

The government, for its part, is working to refine a favorable environment for the promotion of investments, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the creation of businesses as well as the development of research and innovation to stimulate development.

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He urged all Burundians to work hard for the scientific and industrial system to lead triumphantly on a competitive ground with others.

Taking the floor, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Transport, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere, stressed that the advantages drawn from the industrial sector are multiple, in this case, the development of local raw materials, the creation of employment, the right to compete in local, regional and international markets, the entry of currencies through the export of manufactured products, the improvement of human health and the increase in the contribution of the industrial sector.

She also explained that the government has put in place strategies to stimulate and supervise small and medium-sized enterprises.

The minister recalled that the ministry organized that fair in order to promote industrial activity in Burundi and to sensitize the people to the consumption of local products.