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A young entrepreneur manufactures insecticides and fertilizers based on Thitonia Diversiforia


Dec 22, 2022

RUTANA December 22nd (ABP) – Young unemployed people can create jobs based on their knowledge, Mr. Alexis Nibampa, a young entrepreneur manufacturing fertilizers and insecticides in the commune and province of Rutana, told a check by ABP on Wednesday December 21, 2022, during an interview.

After completing his baccalaureate studies in the Faculty of Agronomy and Bioengineering at the University of Burundi, Mr. Nibampa left university with an idea to help Burundian farmers improve agricultural yield, more to the observation that the agricultural harvest remains insufficient despite the efforts made by the latter in their field work.

With this in mind, he developed an idea to make a factory for the manufacture of fertilizers and insecticides, which he has opened a year ago, he said.

Mr. Nibampa makes liquid fertilizers that can be used on different kinds of plants, as well as insecticides that can be used to kill plant pests, all from a plant called Thitonia diversiforia.

The particularity of those products is that they are natural, that is to say that they are not mixed with other chemical products, which means that they have no harmful consequences on life of the consumers of the food produced.

He is proud that his fertilizers and insecticides are well received in the market. In a period of just one year of work, he claims to have earned five hundred thousand Burundian francs on a capital of only two hundred thousand francs.

Mr. Nibampa still works alone in his company called Thitonia Alexis Nibampa Company (TIANICO) but he wishes to work with others who wish, when possible.

He called on anyone interested in the development of the agricultural sector to support him in that work, which he started with few means, but which can help improve the lives of farmers.

He also appealed to young people who have completed their studies to overcome fear and create jobs for self-development, which will reduce unemployment, and help to put into action the wish of the President of the Republic, who says that “that every mouth should have what to eat, and every pocket money”.