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A sudden and tragic death


Jul 6, 2022

KARUSI July 6th (ABP) – The Provincial Bureau of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) in Karusi mourns the sudden death of Mrs. Ntakirutimana Jeanne, community animal health worker in Buhiga village, death which occurred in the evening of Monday July 4, 2022, says the direct head of the deceased, Mr. Salvator Nduwarugira, BPEAE veterinary technician in Buhiga commune. Called by the late Jeanne Ntakirutimana to help her sick cow, veterinary technician Salvator Nduwarugira rushed to the household of the deceased.

Right on his arrival, after the diagnosis of consumption of toxic herbs and after taking the temperature of the cow, when preparing its injection against toxic food, the animal died in the sight of Mrs. Jeanne Ntakirutimana, the owner of the cow.

The latter, overwhelmed by the unfortunate event, lost consciousness and was immediately transported to Buhiga hospital where she died without being treated.

She loved her job as a community animal health worker and her cattle so much that she could not bear the death of her cow, said her neighbors and animal raisers living in her village, after being contacted.