• Sun. May 26th, 2024

The province has a pig breeding center


Apr 30, 2024

KARUSI, April 30th (ABP) – After her working visit to the Bugenyuzi pig breeding centre, the governor of Karusi province, Mrs Dévote Nizigiyimana, thanked the NGO World Vision for the donation, and encouraged the Bugenyuzi parish, the beneficiary of the support.  She also urged the people of Karusi to take advantage of quality pig breeding on the spot.

Within the framework of development and food security, World Vision has prioritised the livestock sector for its interventions.

Governor Nizigiyimana was delighted that pigs are among the domestic animals that are flourishing in the province. That NGO, which has just spent 26 years in the province, is well aware of the population’s priorities, particularly the needs of children, namely good nutrition.

For that reason, according to Mrs Nizigiyimana, 100 pigs of an improved breed have been imported via the parish of Bugenyuzi. Through artificial insemination, they will produce quality pigs to be multiplied and distributed throughout the hills of Karusi province.