• Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Burundians are called on to work to achieve the 2040-2060 vision


Apr 3, 2024

KARUSI April 2nd (ABP) – Spokespersons from all public institutions gathered on Friday March 29, at the modern stadium in Karusi (central-eastern Burundi), to host the quarterly public broadcast organized with the aim of collect the questions that concern the Burundian population and enlighten them on the socio-political and economic situation of the country.

Ms. Rosine Guilène Gatoni, spokesperson for the President of the Republic of Burundi, conveyed to the Burundian people the greetings of the Head of State and his Easter wishes. The Burundian Number 1 congratulates the Burundian population for safeguarding the peace and security which reign throughout the country on the one hand and also for the good harvest of crop season A, indicated Ms. Gatoni.

According to her, the President of the Republic invites everyone to courageously set to work to achieve the 2040-2060 vision. It also recommends that the technical services of the Ministry of Agriculture ensure the availability of selected seeds and fertilizers. As for administrative and political leaders, they are called to serve as an example. Hygiene and sanitation, school education with “zero pregnancies”, the fight against rumors and erroneous information which passes on social networks, are the other recommendations of the Head of State to the Burundian people, said Ms. Gatoni.

Questions relating to water and electricity, fuel, the sale of corn seeds, untrained pharmacists, the Civil Service Mutual Fund which does not cover expensive but very necessary medicines, the law electoral and the national biometric identity card, the CNL political party and the Dynamo sports club to name but a few, had adequate responses.