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The natives of Kayanza residing in the Bujumbura City Council are invited to contribute for the development of their province


May 18, 2022

BUJUMBURA May 17th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Mr. Rémy Cishahayo, brought together on Sunday, May 15, 2022, in the premises of the Source du Nil hotel located in Bujumbura City Council, the senior government officials and economic operators, all natives of that province, residing and/or working in the economic capital of Burundi. It was a question of discussing the development of their native province, the prospects for the future and their contribution to the success of the projects in progress, we learned on the spot.

Governor Cishahayo outlined the overall situation in the province, where he said that all sectors are doing well, despite a few isolated cases. He lamented the lack of teachers and desk benches in the education sector, theft in the fields and in households in terms of security, and many other challenges noted in other areas by the provincial administration from Kayanza.

The provincial authority also indicated that among the flagship projects under way include the completion of the Kayanza provincial office, the establishment of a federation of cooperative societies of all the 262 hills in this province as well as the construction of the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Kayanza.

For the success of all those projects, he asked for the support of everyone. Thus, he clarified that there is still more than 250 million BIF for the completion of the provincial office. From where he invited the natives of Kayanza who were on the scene to contribute, so that this building is inaugurated on July 1st. On that occasion, the participants pledged a contribution of around 306 million Fbu.

During the exchanges, the participants in the meeting wanted to know where all those projects will belong, especially since the administrative redistricting project is already underway. Here, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, Community Development and Security, Mr. Martin Niteretse, explained that no one can worry about that administrative redistricting, especially since the local population will always continue to benefit of those projects already carried out.

The natives of Kayanza took the same opportunity to ask for close and regular monitoring of the management and organization of the federation of cooperative societies to avoid the misappropriation of funds collected by the population.

Note that the meeting was closed by the sharing of a drink between the natives of Kayanza residing and/or working in the economic capital of the country.