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The women of Ruyigi are called on to support the neediest


Mar 25, 2022

RUYIGI March 25th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province (eastern Burundi), Mrs. Emérencienne Tabu, calls on the women of her province for mutual support in self-development work and to redouble their efforts in coming to the aid of the poorest.

She made that appeal when that province proceeded, on Tuesday, to the celebration of women’s Day at the provincial level. She also called on women to fight the bush fires that reappeared in the province early March.

On the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day in Ruyigi, the women joined other women who are bedridden in Ruyigi hospital and tenants of Ruyigi central prison.

A total of 250 poorest women, including 65 from Ruyigi central prison, were able to benefit from that assistance consisting of a loincloth, 5 kilograms of beans, 5 kilograms of rice, and 5 soaps each.

During her message, Mrs. Emérencienne Tabu told those women in extreme need that they must keep hope and take courage because their suffering will end one day. She also asked both public and private sector officials to help women in need so that they can cope with their situation and get out of it.

Governor Tabu reminded women that they are the core and pillar of any desired development in their own houses and to work towards it accordingly and set an example in their immediate surroundings by turning that pride into further initiatives aimed at development.

The chairperson of the women’s forum in Ruyigi province, Mrs. Jeanine Kwizera, commended the step already reached by the women of Ruyigi in general and asked them to help each other, for esteem and mutual trust, so that they can achieve development.