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Land disputes and the lack of drinking water are the major concerns of the inhabitants of Bubanza commune


Feb 24, 2022

BUBANZA February 24th (ABP) – Land disputes and the lack of drinking water are singled out as major concerns for the inhabitants of Bubanza commune (north-west of Burundi). This was revealed on Tuesday 22 February at the meeting of the governor of Bubanza province, Cléophas Nizigiyimana, with the inhabitants of that commune, which focused on their concerns and related solutions.

Concerning land disputes, some inhabitants of Bubanza commune, who took the floor, indicated that they are above all linked to those who pose as owners of land that is not theirs and to those who refuse the execution of the lawsuits. They point the finger at certain judges of the various courts who do not properly fulfill their task to settle land disputes, and judgments which remain pending for a long time in the courts.

As for the lack of drinking water, they mainly mention the village of Muyange with 635 households that only receive drinking water once a month. There are also about 300 households in Ryerangabo village which are facing a severe lack of clean water, and who are worried about the risk of catching dirty-hand diseases.

During that talk, participants also spoke of concubine behavior, damaged roads and bridges and the lack of chemical fertilizers.

To all those concerns, Governor Nizigiyimana promises to help them seek remedies, in collaboration with the provincial services concerned, but asks them to always approach the heads of the services concerned, for a quick solution.

The provincial governor recommended to them the increase in the production especially agricultural one. Note that this commune of Bubanza is the last to be visited since the campaign of the trips he made in different communes in order to collect the complaints of the people and seek solutions together.