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Employees and employers are called upon to sustain dialogue in the workplace


Mar 6, 2022

MAKAMBA March 4th (ABP) – The technical advisor to the National Social Dialogue Committee (CNDS), Mr. Parfait Nkerabagenzi advises employees and employers to set up a permanent framework for dialogue in the workplace to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

He indicated that to the ABP after an exchange meeting on the mechanisms for the prevention and resolution of conflicts in the workplace which was held this Wednesday, March 2, 22 at the place of the members of the provincial dialogue committee (CPDS) of Makamba.

For Mr. Nkerabagenzi, the working environment is characterized by conflicts, but within the framework of social dialogue, it is always necessary to have exchanges between employers and workers because there is no conflict without solution, the essential it is to accept to listen to the other and try to give importance to his concerns to prevent conflicts.

It asks employees and employers to act within the framework of preventing conflicts for did not happen to work stoppages or acts of persecution of workers because they made their demands.

Mr. Nkerabagenzi advises parties in conflict in the workplace to move to dialogue bodies instead of going directly to the courts.

Labor lawsuits often take a long time, require a lot of financial means and gradually deteriorate the professional relations that exist between employees and employers, continued Mr. Nkerabagenzi. On the other hand, with social dialogue when the two parties reach a consensus, it can be reassuring that good relations are also restored and that will lead to great productivity.