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The natives of Kayanza are called on to contribute to the development of their province


Feb 9, 2022

KAYANZA February 9th (ABP) – The natives of Kayanza province (north) operating in Ngozi province (north) exchanged New Year’s greetings on Saturday February 4, 2022 in the headquarters of Ngozi province.

The representative of the natives of the Kayanza province operating in that province of Ngozi, Mr. Audace Sindayigaya, pointed out that, wherever they are, they always think of their commune and province of origin, specifying that they contribute in the execution of various projects carried out in their home province. It is in that context that the natives of Kayanza residing in the neighboring province of Ngozi have set up an association called “Kayanza Dushigikirane” with a view to self-development, to develop the province of current residence and that of origin.

Mr. Sindayigaya testified that the natives of Kayanza living in Ngozi have contributed in the construction works of the Kayanza provincial office in progress and that they are ready to intervene in other projects that the province will put forward.

Speaking on behalf of the governor of Kayanza, the chief of staff, Mr. Vianney Ndikumana, praised the serenity and collaboration characterizing the natives of Kayanza working in Ngozi province as well as their support for the development of their native province.

At the same time, he asked the natives of Kayanza working in different corners of the country to always think about the development of their hill, commune and province of origin.

For Mr. Ndikumana, development is only possible if the natives get involved, the reason why, he insisted, they must return to their places of origin to develop there.

Note that the chief of staff and the advisers of the governors of Kayanza as well as administrators from all the nine communes in Kayanza province took part in these ceremonies.