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Call for the protection of afforestation


Jan 26, 2022

KAYANZA January 24th (ABP) – Grassroots administrative officials, agricultural monitors and the people of Matongo commune in Kayanza province (northern Burundi) are recommended to protect the grevilea plants planted all around National Road No. which would also contribute to the protection of that road and the cultivable ground. That appeal was made to them during the work on environmental Thursday, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The activities took place on the Munyinya and Camizi villages of the Matongo commune. On those two hills, 4,000 grevilea plants were planted within six meters of the RN1 right-of-way and in the properties of the surrounding people.

In his welcoming speech, the permanent executive secretary of the Matongo commune, Mr. Robert Kanani, asked the people to protect the trees planted. Abundant in the same direction, the adviser to the governor of Kayanza, in charge of development, Mr. Vénuste Nduwimana, asked the administrative staff at the base, the agricultural monitors and the people of Matongo to appropriate the protection of woodlots by properly maintaining the trees in order to protect the RN1 and the arable land.

On the same occasion, Mr. Nduwimana urged the inhabitants of Matongo to safeguard peace and security and to manage as a good father the production of hybrid maize grown in the marshes during the C 2021 growing season.

Note that the activities of on Thursday also saw the presence of the provincial director of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock in Kayanza, the provincial police commissioner as well as representatives of the defense and security corps in Kayanza and Ngozi provinces.