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The shortage of sugar is the talk of the headquarters of Kayanza province


Jan 26, 2022

KAYANZA January 25th (ABP) – The shortage of sugar produced by (SOSUMO) has become a headache in the headquarters of Kayanza province (north), where the kilo is obtained at 5000 BIF and more while it should not exceed 2500 BIF. Those are the words of the inhabitants of downtown Kayanza who are asking for the rapid intervention of the State so that this local product is available as before.

According to the inhabitants of the urban center of Kayanza contacted by the check buy ABP, SOSUMO sugar has not been found since the beginning of the current month of January. Some sources have indicated that they have difficulty finding this local product and if found, it is purchased at an exorbitant price.

The traders contacted specified that the sugar was sent to them in insignificant quantities in the first ten days of the current month. Contacted by telephone one of the wholesalers who obtain their sugar supplies from SOSUMO, the latter informed ABP that the sales department of the said company has just reassured them, promising that the sugar will be available during the next week. The situation is thus at a time when even oil-type fuel has not been found in the provincial capital for more than a week, from which some residents fear that even the shortage of sugar would be due to the lack of fuel.