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OBPE wants to promote Lake Rwihinda, in order to attract tourists


Nov 14, 2023

KIRUNDO, November 14th (ABP) – The Burundi Environmental Protection Authority (OBPE), via its Support Project for improving the efficiency of management of the protected aquatic landscape of the North and community development initiatives (PAAPID), intends to promote Lake Rwihinda, commonly called “Bird Lake”, to develop the tourism sector.

The “PAAPID” project was able to identify people who practice professions that could contribute to the development of that tourism sector, in particular, the different artists, namely sculptors, traditional dance groups, ceramists, to name but a few, and those who have products to display in front of tourists, such as fishermen, beekeepers, and so forth.

                       A motorized boat available at Bird Lake

The OBPE facilitators pointed out to all those people that they play an important role in the development of the country in general, and in the development of the tourism sector in particular because, they clarified, tourists cannot come to Kirundo to visit the bird lake only, they also need to discover other particularities of that province, in particular the cultural products and the way of life of the people. That is the reason why the PAAPID project tried to encourage all those who can contribute to the success of that vision, to develop their talents and their professions and consequently, allow the country to collect foreign currencies, and to self-develop.

In addition, the project built the capacities of eco-guides of the Protected Water Landscape of the North (PAPN) and community guides, on reception and tourist guiding techniques, so that tourists are well received and guided.

It is worthy to recall that the motorized boat is already available at Lake Rwihinda to transport tourists who want to contemplate the lake and its biodiversity, including migratory birds.

A surveillance and tourist reception post is also under construction.

The governor’s advisor in charge of development, Mrs. Virginie Cimpaye, indicated that the province of Kirundo commends that initiative of the government which understood the importance of the development of the Bird Lake, specifying that this project falls within the vision of the province, that of make the province “the tourist capital”.