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A popular thermal water site, but in poor condition


Mar 7, 2024

GITEGA March 7th (ABP) – A spring of thermal waters gushes out at the bottom of a rocky mountain located in the locality of Gishuha, on the village of Rwingiri, in the Kiriba zone, in Giheta commune, Gitega province (central country).

Despite its pitiful state, it attracts more people from the locality and elsewhere who come to bathe there for therapeutic purposes, such as Mrs. Béatrice Sayumwe, a sixty-year-old who had just finished her swim, testified to the ABP.

“Since my marriage, more than 4 decades ago,” she said, “people from the locality and surrounding areas, even from elsewhere like city dwellers from the town of Gitega, including white people, have flocked there in taking turns to bathe there. », testified Mrs. Sayumwe.

She clarified that some come there because of their precarious state of health, others for relaxation.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Sayumwe deplored the hygienic state of that water source. The water is disturbed by landslides from the banks, dirt strewn here and there and the wading of children, she regretted.

Mrs. Sayumwe called on administrative officials to pull themselves together to remedy that situation, adding that the maintenance of that site is essential. As for herself, she said she is ready to make a contribution. Similar request made by all the people met on the said thermal water site.

                                                                                                                        Mrs. Béatrice Sayumwe

Faced with that grievance, the communal administrator of Giheta, Mrs. Micheline Ninahaza reassured that the project to develop that site appears in the communal development plan. She specified that the project is also underway, arguing that an access road to the site has already been drawn up, subsequently, we will proceed with the development of the water source in question and the construction lavish infrastructure to attract tourists, she added, citing hotels, conference halls and various playgrounds among others.