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Towards modern sweet potato agriculture


Oct 20, 2023

RUTANA October 20th (ABP) – The people of Matutu village, in the commune and province of Rutana, organized in groups, will benefit from a sweet potato cultivation project called “innovation project of civil societies and coalition of actors” (PISCCA), which was initiated by the non-governmental organization ODECO-CARITAS, we learned, during an official launch meeting of that project, which took place on Tuesday 17 October 2023, in the provincial headquarters.

With that project, a sweet potato field school will be planted on Matutu village, through which beneficiaries will receive training on productive techniques for growing sweet potatoes. They will also be trained on the transformation of their harvest into flour and then into bread, reported Mr. Nestor Nshimirimana, the project coordinator within the said organization.

He indicated that the said project will prioritize low-income women and young people in the hope that it will be their opportunity to develop because they are held back by different factors.

During the fourteen months that that project will last, more than one hundred and thirty-two million Burundian francs, the majority of which is made up of aid from the French embassy in Burundi, will be devoted to that work, underlined Mr. Nshimirimana.

He invited the people of the groups to take ownership of it, and called on the administrators to combine their efforts, so that that project is a success.