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Opening of a plant clinic in the commune of Giharo


Oct 20, 2023

RUTANA October 19th (ABP) – Farmers in the commune of Giharo are asked to bring samples of plants showing signs of disease on Wednesdays to the plant clinic now open in the headquarters of the commune of Giharo in order to receive treatments or directions to follow, with the aim of increasing agricultural production.

According to Mr. Michel Manirakiza, a member of the delegation from the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock who came to the said commune, Wednesday, October 18, 2023, to raise awareness and officially launch the activities of the clinic, explained to the farming population of the commune of Giharo, some of the diseases which often attack food crops such as maize, cassava, bananas and rice. He also indicated to her the treatment of those diseases as well as preventive actions that she can take in order to avoid them.

                                                                 Samples of plants attacked by diseases

The sowing of selected seeds, which must be done at the same time for all farmers with adjacent land, helps to combat certain diseases such as the fall armyworm for maize, indicated Mr. Manirakiza. He added that the remains of maize, after harvest, should also be removed from the fields, in order to be able to protect them against the same disease in the season following that harvest, he added.

Regarding spraying plants, Mr. Manirakiza recommended changing the spray product on plants in different seasons, as it ensures that plant-destroying insects do not get used to the product used.

Mr. Manirakiza called on farmers in the commune of Giharo to sow selected seeds because they have resistance to certain diseases, and to follow the guidance of agronomists as well as agricultural monitors, in order to be able to protect their fields against those diseases. .

Similar activities took place in the communes of Musongati and Mpinga-Kayove on Monday, October 16.